Find below a list of questions or errata that players have identified that are not covered in detail with the included rules. Anytime you have a suggestion or question about the rules, feel free to reach out to me at my email address below.

Build Card Back

Game Setup Clarification
When using the standard play rules, when the two build cards are dealt out, players do not have to make their Build Card selection immediately. They may choose to look at their starting hand of parts, first. This gives players an opportunity to plan out their strategy.

Build selection must be made prior to actually selecting your first part.

Q: If a build specifies a standard case, does a fancy case satisfy that requirement as well?
A: Yes

Q: Does a Color printer satisfy the requirement for a B/W printer?
A: Yes, but not in the reverse. Likewise, the Dot Matrix printer from the Retro Expansion satisfies the B/W printer requirement.

Q: May I rotate my card to make the connectors work?
A: No, cards must stay in the same profile

Q: Can I take a part out of my scrap pile and add it to my computer on a later turn?
A: No.

Q: Can I adjust the arrangement of my parts in order to make my current part work?
A: No, once a part is attached — assuming its connectors are legally attached — it cannot be moved.

Q: What happens if I realize I illegally attached a part to my computer?
A: The offending part and any parts solely dependent on that parts connectors are immediately moved to the scrap pile.

Security Expansion FAQs

Q: If my only card left in hand is a Virus or a Worm, and I am the only valid target (I’m the only one with RAM/HD), do I have to play it on myself?
A: No. Worm, Virus and Power Spike cards must target an opponent. Since there is no legal play, much like a part card, you must place it into your scrap pile.