When he’s not writing, Matthew can often be found playing some type of game with family and friends.  But playing games is only part of it, Matthew has been working on designing some games of his own. Below is a complete list of items currently published and some coming soon.

Available Now!

Silverwood Game Box


This map building, monster fighting, resource management game set in the world of Terandandra!

Super Computer Web Thumbnail

Super Computer
A drafting card game for 2 – 6 players.

Super Computer Security Expansion Thumbnail

Super Computer: Security Expansion is the first expansion. Hack your opponents computer by dropping Bugs, Viruses or Worms on different components

Super Computer Retro Expansion

Super Computer: The Retro Expansion is the second expansion for the addictive card game. Super Computers are going Retro. Incorporate components from technology past to give your system that classic-retro look.

Chel & Riley Board Game Box

Chel & Riley The Quest for Lost Stuff
A board game for the whole family.

Work in Progress / Play Testing

Super Computer Bloatware Expansion Cover

Super Computer: Bloatware Expansion is the fourth planned expansion. Every new Super Computer needs a little something to inspire, to dazzle. Load up that new computer Super Computer with all the software that nobody wants!
Release Date: Summer 2023

Super Computer Internet Expansion Thumbnail

Super Computer: Internet Expansion is the third planned expansion. Take your Super Computer to the next level and connect it to various resources on the internet to dominate web.
Release Date: TBD

Concept / Design Phase

Curbside Pickup Logo

Curbside Pickup

Stuff as many orders as you can in your trusty shopping cart as you desperately try to fulfill the ever flowing orders coming into your megamart. Don’t overflow your cart or otherwise you will lose customers and tips.

Inspired by the classic Pack & Stack game, this 3D organizational game challenges players in the realm of space management.

Release Date: TDB

Dealership Mogul Card Design

Dealership Mogul

Battle other car lots to purchase the best cars, recruit the best sales staff and marketing personnel so that you can sell the most cars while avoiding hidden issues.

Release Date: TBD

Space Resort Sample Image

Space Resorts

Space Resorts
Welcome to the future, design interstellar resorts, and attract tourists to your swanky hotel in space.

Release Date: TBD