So As By Fire Cover
Cover of the Play So As By Fire

Luke is the youngest of four, two older sisters and an older brother.  Luke is a Christian who works as a firefighter in the suburbs of a distant city.  He has come home for Christmas Eve only to spend the evening being chided by his older siblings.  His Father & Mother try to calm the situation, but secretly side with the older kids over his lost potential as a professional athlete.  The oldest, his brother – Jake, is a well-to-do accountant who is recently divorced.  Jake has brought his son, Luke’s favorite nephew – Adam to the house to celebrate Christmas.  Sabrina, the next oldest, is a graphics designer and she has a live-in boyfriend.  This is the third or forth this year – but who’s counting.  Melody is the next youngest of the group and she is still living at home.  It is thought that she is on drugs, but mom & dad refuse to believe it.  She barely managed to graduate high school, and is struggling with what to do with her life.  She has spent the last couple years working part time at a quick-mart.  She has aspirations of becoming a great writer, but has not managed to make anything happen.  Mom & dad are retired.  Both are believers, but have failed to live their faith for many years.  Mom has recently begun to reach back towards her faith, but is struggling against the years of apathy and neglect.  Dad has resolved to get no closer to God than he already is, and is simply biding his time.

The story opens as the various characters arrive on Christmas Eve at mom & dad’s home to celebrate Christmas.  The conversation quickly turns from one of everyday small talk to when the “Son of Missed-Opportunity” should arrive.  Conversations ensue between parents and siblings awaiting for Luke’s arrival.