“Glad You’re Not Here”, the prison greeting card company turned resort moguls are looking for you to help design their next state-of-the-art resort in outer space.  They have recruited you along with the others seated at the table to demonstrate your ability to build the best, safest, funnest and cheapest resort possible.  The trick is that there is only a limited supply of resources that “Glad You’re Not Here” resorts is able to pony up for the construction process.

As the general contractor for your resort, you will need to grab the ideal components that make up the best, safest, funnest and cheapest resort from a pool of entertainment venues, restaurants, cabins, recreational facilities, as well as all of the parts that keep a space resort . . . well in space.  Things like oxygen, power, waste removal are some basic necessities you’ll want to stock up on.

Construction takes place in three stages.  After each stage is complete you will have to endure marketing attempts by “Glad You’re Not Here” resorts to see what guests your resort attracts in addition to random cosmic events to see how many of your guests survive long enough to enjoy their stay.