Version 1.0.3

Initial Release

  • Store your game library
  • Track games played winners and scores
  • Create categories and assign them to each for more user stats
  • Individual favorite games list
  • Multi-mode randomizer for that difficult “What do we play next?” moment
  • Colorful user statistics and drill-down graphs
  • Import games, players and sessions from flat file sources
  • Built on SQLite database technology
  • Backup / Restore to allow for sharing of data

Version 1.0.4


New Features:

  • Scoring Mode added to Game definition (Least Points, Most Points (Default), Win/Lose)
  • On Win/Lose mode games, Score Page will hide unnecessary buttons
  • Save Progress feature added on scoring games, persists the score without closing the game if the app is closed or session is switch to a different game.

Bugs Fixes:

  • Rotation Bug on Score Screen introduced by the Setup Instructions feature
  • A tie on the Score Page without a Winner Checked resulted in a saved game with no winner