Savior of Dayspring Cover

The end is near.  The mastermind has decided to reveal himself at long last.  Spire Tree, the fortress of Silverwood, has been destroyed.  An invading army of Talicrons, like no one has seen before, is marching its way to Dayspring’s capital city, Fairhaven. With the Guardian Corps destroyed, nothing can stop the forces of darkness from overrunning Teradandra.  Guntharr, Firebane and the others attempt at locating the last piece of the talisman has stalled.  Rift and Raskin have returned home, their adventuring and fighting days behind them.  Taya alone still has hope and a good guess where to go next.  Striking out on her own, Taya sets out to prove to herself and the others that she is ready to take on the title of Silverwood’s Heir.

Traveling back to her and Guntharr’s original home, Taya encounters the unlikeliest of allies in the form of a young red dragon.  But even the dragon is not cunning enough for Wilstrom and his conspirators as they intercept Taya just as she recovers the final gem.

Imprisoned and alone, Taya has only one hope left, faith that her companions can find her.  But how will they do that, when even she does not know where Wilstrom has taken her.  With the looming Talicron threat, time is not on their side.  And for one member of the group, time is up.