Chel & Riley The Great Mountain Adventure
Chel & Riley The Great Mountain Adventure Book Cover

Chel & Riley really hated being bored, so Riley sets out to plan an adventure that the children will never forget.  After digging through several exciting but expensive adventures, the two settle on an amazing and free expedition up a nearby mountain.  Little do Chel & Riley know that danger lurks around every turn of the mountain path.  On the one hand, the children marvel at the beautiful scenery that God has made; and on the other, wild animals lay quietly in  the darkness of a cave waiting for some unsuspecting prey to walk in.  The peaceful and pleasant pathways give way to  crumbling ledges that lead down rocky cliffs.  And most importantly, a lone dark figure lingers in the shadows following the children’s every movement.  They don’t see him, but somehow they know he’s there.  Is he their friend or a dangerous enemy?  What lessons will God teach Chel & Riley on the Great Mountain Adventure?