Chel & Riley are always on the lookout for new adventures.  After a game of “hide and seek” at Chel’s house turns into a disaster, Riley returns home to discover that his favorite, furry pal is missing.  Not only is Laser missing, but Chel & Riley discover that he’s been dog-napped.   A ransom note threatens to turn Laser loose out in the wild – whatever that means – unless the pair retrieves a long sought for treasure buried at a nearby archeological dig.  Chel & Riley must brave a deserted museum, a towering dirt mound and a pit filled with dark and scary tunnels, all to try and find clues that will lead them to the hidden treasure and to Laser’s safe return.  But, God is teaching Chel & Riley more than just about history in this adventure.  God is going to showing them how to trust him even in the mummy’s tomb.