Super Computer Retro Expansion

Retro is in at Scrappy Computers, or at least that’s what the management thinks. Companies are paying big for Super Computers with Retro-Style configurations. This expansion includes new parts and new builds to challenge the best techs. There are also some surprises.

Step back in time and customize your very own Super Computer complete with Floppy Disk Drive, Dot Matrix printers and the good old CRT display.

This expansion allows you to satisfy existing builds with more classic parts, or build some totally retro-builds for major bonus points. Whatever your goal, this expansion gives you new opportunities to construct the most powerful super computer possible out of scrap parts.


FAQ / Errata

Sets & Expansions

Core Set
Expansion 1: Security Expansion
Expansion 3: Internet Expansion (Coming Soon)
Expansion 4: Bloatware Expansion (Coming Soon)