After a long summer filled with adventures, the day has come for Riley and his pal Chel to return to school.  With their expectations set high for the fourth grade, Riley and Chel are quickly confronted by challenges on numerous fronts.  Chel’s new teacher, who was also Chel’s estranged father’s teacher, immediately labels Chel, a troublemaker.  Riley encounters more everyday issues like a group of bullies.  After several attempts to start a fight with Riley, the bullies resolve to set Riley up to get him expelled even as the school year begins.  With Riley in trouble, Chel must become a sleuth to prove Riley’s innocence before the principal sends Riley home for the year.  A humble school janitor reminds the two of God’s power and presence in their situations.  Can Chel learn to forgive the father she’s never actually known for the legacy that she will have to overcome?   Will Riley listen to Mr. Henry and trust in God or choose to give up?