Archives July 2023

Unboxing our Creality Falcon 2 — 22watt Laser

We made some changes here. By changes I mean we have finally gotten into the modern era of internet bandwidth. Just a few days ago, we were blessed to have fiber installed to our home out in the middle of no where, and now I have 1 Gbps of beautiful up and download speed.

Most of you are are like, so what. Well, when you spend your life as an IT professional and the last 3+ years have you working remotely on a legacy DSL circuit that at best gets you 3.5Mbps (I know its not dial-up, but I’ve been there, done that, got the T-Shirt, ripped up the T-Shirt, burned the pieces from the T-Shirt and buried the ashes), you tend to only use the internet for absolutely the bare minimum.

Hellooooo Fiber! One of the things that I have put off doing, because of stated internet limitations, has been the sharing of videos that seem to be the rave across the blogosphere. So, you should expect, or dread, a new channel of uselessly entertaining content coming forth from Silverwood Wood Designs. I promise we’ll get better with our production quality, but for now, its a matter of just churning out content, because that’s what all the publishing houses do. You know like, Disney, Netflix, Amazon Prime, etc.

So, without further comment, I welcome you to our first Unboxing Video, featuring our newest tool in our Wood Designs stable, a Creality Falcon 2, 22 watt laser engraver and cutter.