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Let Me Explain

I somehow managed to make it through the entire month of April without posting, well almost.  I should probably explain.  The month started out with my first book signing event which included a demo on Do-It-Yourself board game design at the fan run Who’s Yer Con and Indypendent Creator show.  However, due to some – I am sure unforeseen scheduling oversights (one being Easter Sunday and another being Comic Con was going on downtown) — the attendance for the show was less than exciting.

I did meet a few new friends there and generally had a good time, but the event was not what I or any of the other artists and authors were hoping for.  Needless to say, I had put a lot of energy and time into preparing for it, so I spent the next week recuperating (some would say brooding).  That very next weekend an event involving my son which could have cost him his life, and I spent several days in the hospital with him.  But God is good, and my son is going to recover fully.

Somewhere in this chaos we call life, book four of the Silverwood Chronicles was released with little to no fanfare.  I am playing catch-up now, and all of you should know by now of the exciting news.  (The roar of the crowd is deafening)  Soft covers are in stock as I write this post and hard covers should be available later this week.

My next opportunity to meet new friends is coming up at Indy Pop Con, June 8-10.  This will by far be the biggest event I have participated in, and should be an excellent trial-run for Gen Con coming up in August.  Somewhere in there I hope to be a part of InConjunction, but details for that event are still pending.

Having gone through this episode with my youngest, and having an equally traumatic experience with my oldest almost 24 years prior to the day, I remembered that the most important things in this life are the people we spend it with.  It’s not about things we have or the places we visited or the schools we attended or the degrees we’ve earned; those have very limited value in the grand scheme of things.  It is the relationships we have with those we love including but not limited to, our family, friends and our God, that will bring us true contentment and satisfaction.  Those other things — meh — they won’t mind that you pour yourself into people.

I am looking forward to hearing what you think of the Friends From Mountain Forge.  Let me know, please!