Archives March 2018

Who’s Yer Con and the IndyPendent Creator Show

My first event for 2018 is quickly approaching. I will be signing books as part of the Indypendent Creator Show on the last day of Who’s Yer Con on April 1st at the Wyndham West in Indianapolis. You can find more details on the events page of the Silverwood Chronicles Facebook page.

During the show, I will be doing a break-out session / workshop on DIY Board Game design. I am looking forward to interacting with anyone who has a board game idea or would find it interesting to publish their own board game.

Book Four: Friends From Mountain Forge is now in production and will be available soon! I cannot wait to share this adventure with you all. There are several chapters in this book that I think are some of my favorite scenes yet. Certainly the most memorable chapter has Rift risking his life to save his friends in a fight to the death against four rogue Battle Wolves. Should I feel weird that I notice a tear form in my eye by the time I reach the end of the chapter?

I hope to see many of you up at Who’s Yer Con on Sunday, April 1st (Easter Sunday). Yes, I know, ‘what were they thinking?’