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2017 NaNoWriMo Competition Complete, Book Five Development Continues

Fifty thousand, two hundred and forty-one (50,241) words later at 1:17 p.m. EST and this year’s NaNoWriMo competition is in the books — so to speak.  

As was last year’s WriMo, this has been a great jump-start to the next book in the Silverwood Chronicle series — Dayspring’s Heir (working title).  Part of me wants to keep going and finish up the series, but Friends from Mountain Forge is waiting for revisions to begin which requires me.  I now have to decide whether to shelve book five for a couple of months to get book four ready for publishing or finish out book five, first.

On the one hand, I have the momentum going for book five and that is very useful.  On the other hand, I have committed to myself and a few others to have book four out this winter and if I finish book five first, the likelihood that I will do both before April is unlikely.  Still on the other hand . . . wait, I only have two hands.  I will keep you posted on my direction after I take a slight break this weekend.

I want to personally thank everyone who shared their supportive comments along the way, and to my family who made sacrifices all month long so I could have extended writing sessions everyday.  One thing I have learned about NaNoWriMo, no matter the motivation, no matter the planning, expect bumps somewhere along the way.

NaNoWriMo 2017 Two-Thirds Update

A quick update on the progress of book five and my NaNoWriMo challenge.  As you can see by the attached graphic, I’m struggling to stay caught up this time around.  The last weekend was busy with a gaming party and travel.  The travel produced a significant amount of fatigue which has taken me a day or so to recover from.

Now that I’m enjoying some warm weather in sunny Florida, I was able to get in a couple of good writing sessions.  Some very exciting plot developments have occurred in Chapter 3 of Book Five.  Even the author can be surprised once in a while when he discovers things he had not realized before.  I think that is one of the joys of writing I love the most.  I can have so much of the story planned out, but in the midst of writing it, I can will come across some facts or information that I had never considered or even realized where there until I had put them down on paper (digitally speaking of course).

I should be two-thirds of the way done today — 35k words — instead I’m just about three-fifths done.  Thank you to my family for working with me through vacation and allowing me some extra time.  Well, I am going to go have some fun with them right now.  I will get back to writing this evening.

Busy Busy Busy & NaNoWriMo Too

NaNoWriMo 2017 is well under way and I’m doing my best to stay on top of it.  After a very long day at an event: Christmas at the Monroe County Fairgrounds, I still managed to craft 2008 words.

A special thanks to all of the new friends I made today while at the event.  I hope your journey into the world of Teradandra or the Chel & Riley Adventures is one that makes you smile.

It was also great to meet some old friends.  Nothing does an author better than to have someone walk up to you and go, “Oh yeah, I got these books last Christmas and I loved them!”  I had that happen today, really!  I think I even overheard one of this individuals companions go, you’ve read and read the books several times.  It was all I could do not shout out loud.  Needless to say, when I explained to her that there was now a book 3, she was all excited and quickly secured her copy.

I also met with a couple of individuals in which some opportunities might open up for me to go into the schools and have an author talk with some elementary students.  I will keep my fingers crossed.

BIG ANNOUNCEMENT!  Book 4’s first draft is complete!  I was able to finish chapter 16 on Thursday.  It will now have to sit patiently while I finish up NaNoWriMo before we can jump into revisions and production.  So, maybe by Christmas or New Years I’ll be reaching out to my editorial army for your assistance once more.

With Book 4’s manuscript wrapped up, that means I’ve rolled straight into book 5.  Yes, you heard that right.  Today I began Chapter 1 of Book 5, Dayspring’s Heir (working title).  This is it, the grand finale.  I have so many exciting things planned for this book to conclude the series, I’m ready to bust.  No spoilers today; however.

Thank you for your support.  If  you are new to the Silverwood Chronicles or Chel & Riley Adventures, please message me and let me know how you’re enjoying the books.  I’d like to hear from you.

Blessings and Happy Thanksgiving to you and your families.

Until next time, keep reading!