You will get a chance to build 3 super computers over 3 rounds.  Each round, you will build a super computer as close to your build card’s specifications using the highest point valued parts.

Any parts not used during the build phase — cards you draw that do not have appropriate connectors to hook into your other parts — will count as negative points indicated on the card by the red dot, depending on the round.  This is called scrap.

Build cards not satisfied also score negative points.

Winning the Game

The winner is the tech with the most points after 3 rounds.  In the event of a tie, the player who used the fewest 4-way (like hubs and CPUs) will be the winner.


Less than 4 card

For 2-4 players, set aside parts with the “<4” in the lower-right corner.

Part Card Back

Deal each player 7 parts cards.

Build Card Back

Deal each player 2 build cards.

Each player selects one build card to return to the bottom of the deck.

Game Play

Each player will simultaneously select a part from their hand and place that card face-down on the table.  Next, pass the remaining part cards, face-down, to the player on your left.

Once everyone has selected their part and past the remaining cards, each player will simultaneously reveal their selected part and attempt to attach it to their computer. 

Properly Connected Components

Components that cannot be attached should be set aside until the end of the round in their scrap pile. Parts in the scrap pile remain there until the end of the round.

Incorrect Component Connection

Repeat until all cards have been played, then score the round using the score dots associated with the round. 

Sample Completed Computer
Round 1 Score: 30 / Round 2 Score: 40 / Round 3 Score: 50

Use the Green values for connected parts. 

Unattached cards will score Red (negative) points.

Build cards should be revealed at this time and scored based upon the round.  Positive if all the parts are present, otherwise, score the negative points.

Build Example

Based upon the above sample computer, the player would receive the bonus for the respective round.

Additional Considerations

Connectors on the cards must match color for color except black (Universal) which accepts all colors.Connections

Cards may not be rotated.

Cards must be attached on the turn they are played and all adjacent connectors MUST be satisfied.

Each player must play a part card each turn even if it doesn’t connect. Unconnected parts are scrap.

Some parts have a size banner, builds may specify a range for a given part and must be exact unless the build does not specify.

Alternate Rules

Option 1:  Allow the player to keep both builds, but with the requirement that both must be satisfied to gain the bonus points.

Option 2:  Instead of selecting build cards individually, place a number (players -1) of builds face up on the table.  At the completion of each turn, if a player satisfies the build, they win the card.  Upon a tie (two or more meet the requirements on the same turn), the build card is discarded.  No negative points are awarded in this variant.

Option 3:  Alternate passing direction from round to round.  Round 1, pass left; Round 2, pass right; Round 3, pass left.  Or, pass right all three rounds.