Prophet To The Outerlands -- Proof
Chel and Riley Go Back to School Cover
Chel & Riley:  The Haunted House Adventure
Chel & Riley Go To Soccer Camp
Chel & Riley K9 Kidnapping Adventure
Chel & Riley Great Mountain Adventure
Where Do All The Lost Socks Go?

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Interruptions, Distractions and Finally Success

One of the disadvantages of not been a full-time writer is the inevitability that interruptions and distractions will ultimately come
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Countdown to Launch

This project has taken more time than I previously expected, but after many delays, I am nearing the end.
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Happy New Year, just a little late

Yeah, yeah, yeah, I know, we're almost already 10 days into 2017 and I am just now getting around to
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Merry Christmas and Happy New Year

I've taken the last couple of weeks off to catch up with all of the other things that got set
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