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YouTube’s Newest Star . . . or Not

Opportunities like this do not come along often in one’s career, so when the opportunity came to share my story as part of an advertising campaign for a service I use, I took it.

Backup for just a second and let me give you some background information.  A couple of years ago, I registered with a website that provides various learning tools to authors called https://www.authorlearningcenter.com.  This website is home to a plethora of webinars, podcasts and whitepapers to help aspiring authors along their journey regardless of where they are in that journey.

I originally tried it because I was looking for ideas and ways to build my brand.  What I found was way more than that.  The site is constantly adding new content and ways to help authors continue to pursue their craft and be more successful in it.  One of the fun features the site has is called the “Book Launch Tool.”  It’s essentially timeline tool that helps you track your progress through the book creation and publishing process.  I’ve been using it on my last two book projects and while it hasn’t necessarily changed the way I write, it does help me keep on track and get a realistic picture of where I am on any given project.

A month or so ago, someone from Author Learning Center contacted me about being part of an advertising campaign on YouTube.  They wanted to know if they could include my journey as part of a ad that would run.  It seemed like a no-brainer to me and so I answered a series of questions and shared with them some photos and what you see is attached is what is running.

I say all of this to encourage any of my author followers to check out the site.  They have a 30 day free-trial option that gives you pretty much access to all of the features and after that its like $10 a month.  They are always adding new content and features.  There’s even a way to reach out to other authors and create circles that can be used to bounce ideas and review works in progress.

Christmas At The Monroe County Fairgrounds

On another note, now that November is here that means Christmas cannot be far behind.  My last event of the year where you can get an autographed signed copy of my book or meet me in person will be at the ever growing Christmas at The Fairgrounds Event at the Monroe County Fairgrounds on Saturday November 10th.

After this, we will be taking a break from events for a few months as we try to finish up book 5.  In the meantime, I hope to roll out a Silverwood Chronciles prologue piece, Free to the internet, by Christmas.