Boo Hoo — Chapter 13

Boo Hoo — Chapter 13

Well I did something today I didn’t think I could do.  I made my creative consultant cry.  Now before you go jumping to conclusions, it was appropriate that she did so.  To describe as she did, the pacing of the book for the last few chapters has been bang, bang, bang.  But here we come to chapter thirteen and you pause for just a brief minute to add some insight into Firebane’s persona and raw emotion into the story.

Here is a snippet from some words that fell out of my brain onto the computer this afternoon regarding the scene in question between Firebane and Speedsting, the dragon.

“Speedsting,” Firebane declared turning suddenly to see the dragon.   “You move quite silently when you want to,” Firebane commented.  “I didn’t know you were there.”

“Obviously,” Speedsting replied.  “It was not stealth that hid my presence from you, but rather your compassion for this one that blinded you to all distractions.” 

I don’t know why, but Speedsting’s reply in this scene is one of my favorite lines in this book so far.

It was fun building up to this scene, and what happens next is like the wandering friend that interrupts a couples kiss.  KABOOM.  We are now off to the races.  The climax of the book is upon us and we have two and half more chapters to go.  If I keep on pace, we should hit somewhere in the mid to upper seventy thousand words.

DON’T FORGET!  Two weeks from Saturday is the Greenwood Public Library Author Fair.  I will be there signing books and chatting with everyone and hopefully sharing a completed manuscript — it will still be a first draft, of course — but it will be there.  You can pick it up, hold it in your hands, point out all of the glaring type-o’s.  But that’s the point, I get free proof reading #BigSmile.

Until next time, blessing to you all, and happy reading!



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