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Book Three Update

Now that the Johnson County Fair is over, I can try to get back into a routine of writing once in a while.  My goal is to still have book three out around Christmas time, but based upon past experience, I may not be able to have it available to ship until the first of the year at this point.

I did complete a two thousand word stretch today between my lunch break and pre-dinner time.  Chapter seven is now complete and I’ll be starting on Chapter 8 soon.  This means we’re now officially past the halfway point in the book.

I’m up to just over 35K words, which is somewhere between book one and book two’s page count at the same point.  I’m still guessing that I’ll probably hit the 70-75k mark on this book, but some of the later chapters have a lot of action packed into them, which could make things stretch on a bit.  But you don’t care, so long as its exciting . . . right?

As you may or may not have heard, book one is now back in stock on the website, and I’ve already shipped out a couple.  I’m still waiting on feedback from some of my new readers, so as soon as you get through with the book, please leave me some feedback either on Facebook or at my website.

So, I heard of something new this week from a co-worker that I guess I wasn’t familiar with.  It’s called National Novel Writing in a Month or something like that.  All I know is its referred to as NaNoWriMo.  It’s in November and basically author’s are challenged to write 50k words in a month.  I laughed thinking that this would be a wasted challenge on me because it takes me around five or six months to get 60K words written.

But after giving it much thought, I just might try it if I can figure out a way to allocate one and a half to two hours a day in my schedule.  As it is, I write around 800 to 900 words per hour.  The goal of NaNoWriMo is to write 1600 or so words a day, every day during the month of November.  It would be tough, especially with Thanksgiving and Black Friday, but I think it would be cool.

Now, the question is what to work on, because I should long since be done with Book Three.  Is it something I could try to start Book Four?  Maybe.  I’ve also thought about a spin-off series with Rift and his family, which you’ll learn more about in book three.  I’ve also thought about a new Chel & Riley Novel, but from the standpoint of them grown up.  I’ve got a great intro I’ve thought up, but where to go from there, I’m not sure.  I guess I have till November 1, at 12:00am to figure it out.


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