2016 Johnson County Fair Final Update

First a public service announcement.

“Don’t text and drive!”

So, a funny thing happened to me at the fair today.  No really, I’m not just quoting a line from a comedy bit.  A lady was texting and drove her buggy into one of the main tent posts.  Pause for effect.  Now before you go wondering how I could derive comedy from what sounds like a tragic situation hear me out.  The buggy was a front and back baby stroller.  But the lady was indeed texting as she was walking through the tent.  In perfect form which could only be described as something to watch over and over on YouTube, she blindly walked right into the tent post directly in front of our booth.  Fortunately, no one was hurt, however, the little child riding in the front seat of the two-seater, promptly began crying as the impact shook both passengers and driver.  The dialog that transpired after that between the mother and the father is not suitable for writing in this blog.

Today, the crowd was tough.  I mean T-U-F.  I could have been giving away gold bars and people would have ignored me today.  Not everyone treated like we were made of glass.  I ran into a young lady who is an illustrator.  She shared with me some of her digital portfolio which was impressive.  The “cool factor” didn’t come till we were wrapping up for the day.  She had reserved a copy of Guardian and jotted down her info on our memo pad.  On it, she noted her address, Morgantown.  I couldn’t believe it.  How did I miss that?

I also got a chance to meet a nice young lady who had went so far as to write several books in long hand, and then, regretfully, lost them.  My heart went out to her as her premise had some very intricate layers.  I encouraged her to take some time and begin again.  Set aside a special place and fixed amount of uninterrupted time and just write.  Stick to the routine so that her mind and her imagination gets use to the idea of going to work whenever she’s in that place/time.

While the weather was unbearably hot, we made the most of it and had a pretty good time overall.  I did make some new contacts.  It looks like I may be planning some additional appearances in the near future.  Stay posted for updates.  Tomorrow, its back to work and by work I mean writing.  The fair has been a distraction for sure and now I need to get my writing back on schedule so that I can deliver book three by Christmas.  I know I can do it.

Thank you again to everyone who stopped by.  Thank you for reading this blog and supporting the Silverwood Chronicles and/or Chel & Riley.  While I write because I enjoy it, its nice to have people enjoy what I write.


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