Fair Update #1

After two days at the Johnson County Fair I can honestly say I’ve had the opportunity to meet a wide variety of people.  Book sales have not been what I’d hoped them to be, but the experience in meeting some of these wonderful people certainly helps make up for it.

For example, two young ladies stopped by the booth.  One of them is herself an aspiring writer.  I got a chance to hear about a story she’s working which sounds very exciting.  She did purchase a book, but more importantly, I hope I was able to encourage her to continue writing.

A second example was when another young lady and her family stopped by.  I introduced her to Chel & Riley and I immediately knew something was different but I couldn’t put my finger on it.  After my booth partner started talking about his book it was then that I realized the mom was deaf and the daughter was translating for her.  That moment was very special because I saw in that little girl’s eyes a love for her mom.  She was extremely patient with us in communicating our stories to her mother and we hope to see them back later this week.

I also got to meet some old friends, Warner & Tiffany, Craig & Virginia, Daryl, and Chad.  I hope to see more of you this week.  I’d love to say “Hi” and see how you’re doing.

Until next time,


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